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How to take screenshots on a Mac

There is more than one good reason why people need to take screenshots on a Mac, but only a small number of them know how to do this. We’ll use this article to explain a few ways of taking screenshots on Macs.

  1. Full-screen screenshot

Press Command and Shift and 3 at the same time. In case your Mac’s sound is turned on you should hear a noise that resembles a camera shutter. Once you do this, you will get a saved image on the desktop. The file will be saved as Screenshot and contain the time and date.

  1. Screenshot of one portion of the screen

When you press Command and Shift and 4 at once, you will transform the cursor into a relatively small cross-hair reticle. Move this reticle freely to the area that you want to capture. You should notice a grayed area over that portion of the screen. Release the mouse and you will notice a shutter noise in case the sound is on. Just like before, the screenshot will be saved on the desktop. This is a PNG file labeled as Screenshot and a time and date on it.

  1. Open Window Screenshot

Start by pressing Command and Shift and 4 at once. Right after that, press the Spacebar. You will notice a tiny camera on the screen. Move that camera over the open window and release the mouse. The screenshot will be saved on the desktop.

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