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Share Internet connection on a Mac

The good news is that Mac computers can share their Internet connection with other devices connected to the network. In fact, many people are turning their Mac’s into wireless hotspots. Just follow this simple guide if you want to share Internet connection on a Mac.

  1. Mac allows users to share its Internet connection with the help of network adapters. In order to share the connection, you will need two or more network adapters. For instance, you can use an unused wireless adapter to set up a wireless network. You can also achieve this goal with two Ethernet adapters.
  2. If you want to get the optimal results, connect the Mac (host computer) directly to the broadband modem through Ethernet or via USB hotspot.
  3. Start the process by opening the System Preferences tab. Select the Sharing option. After that, check the Internet Sharing box located on the left side. In this way, you will allow your Mac to share its internet connection.
  4. Next, select the Share your connection from the tab and choose the Internet source.
  5. The process continues with the selection of a method that you will use to broadcast the connection – Wireless is if you are using a Wi-Fi hotspot or Ethernet if you want to connect to a wireless router or network hub.
  6. Connect the host Mac to Ethernet or the network hub or configure the Wi-Fi settings.
  7. Finally, the process ends when you connect the rest of the devices or computers to the hub or router.

Don’t forget that your Mac must be turned on if you want to share the connection.

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